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Why use Western Equipment Brokers Association?

Western Equipment Brokers Association Ltd. is a Canadian- based heavy equipment brokerage firm boasting an expansive and rapidly growing network of highly skilled professional agents.

Western Equipment Brokers Association Presents a compelling alternative to the  traditional method of auctioning your assets, was we bring our services directly to you. This approach eliminates the  need for costly equipment relocation and ensures uninterrupted utilization of your valuable assets. 

Our  core values revolve around unwavering loyalty and commitment to our clients, with an unwavering focus on safeguarding their privacy and upholding the highest standards of confidentiality. We operate within the bounds of legality, uphold accountability, maintain meticulous attention to detail, and offer full transparency in al our listings.


Western Equipment Brokers Association offers numerous distinct advantages, including:

A Highly Trained and Professional Agent Network

Our Extensive network of agents is well-versed in the art of efficiently selling or locating equipment.

No Upfront Listing Fees or Advertising Costs

We operate on a commission-only basic, with fees payable solely upon the successful completion of a sale. 


Optimal Pricing for Sellers

Our stringent screening process ensures that we attract only qualified buyers, complete with proof of funds for their purchase.

Comprehensive Management of Showings

We manage all equipment showings, alleviating both seller and buyers of any potentially stressful situations. 

Impartially Vetted Equipment for Buyers

Our commitment to impartiality guarantees that buyers receive accurate and unbiased information about the equipment.

Unique Referral System

We employ a unique referral system to engage individuals with the precise expertise required for each transaction, ensuring optimal outcomes for all parties involved. .


At Western Equipment Brokers Association, there are three key principles


  1. Appropriate Pricing: The first priority is setting the right price for equipment to attract interested buyers.
  2. Timely Listings: Timing is crucial; listing equipment promptly and considering market seasons enhances turnaround time by capitalizing on supply and demand dynamics.
  3. Honesty and Transparency: Ensuring honesty in describing the equipment’s condition and conveying its unique story accurately is essential to the WEBA approach.

See Below for recent Case Studies!

2000 Fleetwood Bounder Motorhome

And although some utilities actually deliver physical goods — like water utilities which actually deliver water — utilities are usually treated as services.


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