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Sellers Q&A

Buyers Q&A

Why do we require I.D?

It’s important that our Agents who facilitate these deals do what they can to ensure that the parties are who they say they are, and that nothing suspicious or potentially illegal is going on. One acceptable method of client identification is government-issued photo identification, like a driver’s licence or passport.

Why do we require I.D?

Our concern both for the safety of our agents, and for the security of all equipment we market to the public, requires that the Buyer Agent ascertain and confirm the buyer’s identity prior to arranging for the Listing Agent to schedule a viewing of any equipment.

Can I use my Equipment after Listing?

Yes! After listing your equipment with Western Equipment Brokers Association you are able to use it until the day it sells.

Who can see my Equipment?

All equipment is listed on our website for public viewing. It is the Agents responsibility to list the equipment on the website and handle all inquiries.

Do I need to see the Equipment before purchasing?

No! At Western Equipment Brokers Association we have qualified Agents who are there to represent you and will let you know the state of the equipment with an unbiased opinion.

Who handles the paperwork?

Western Equipment Brokers Association Agents handle all of the paperwork and protect client’s interests. Our core values are best on honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability.


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